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The YouTube video below, produced by Minnesota State Senator, Scott Jensen, M.D., abruptly cuts to a potentially revealing presentation by a government minister from Ghana (at 7:50). (Dr. Jensen contends that he was anonymously accused of spreading misinformation when he compared COVID-19 to severe seasonal influenza and as a result is being investigated by the U.S. Board of Medical Practitioners).
I can’t vouch for the veracity of the video but the sequence of events that are discussed appear to mirror what has transpired thus far.
Allegedly, the Ghanaian official is reading from a secretly procured Rockefeller Foundation document that chronicles the development of the coronavirus and outlines future plans and “remediation” measures vis a vis the virus.
As a thorough understanding of the government minister’s accented English presents a challenge for the average American listener, I listened intently and have delineated seemingly significant points that were brought forth in this informative dissection of the purported document.
The alleged Rockefeller Foundation list of action items and task completion summary:
1) Create a contagious but low mortality virus to fit the needed plan.
This was created at Fort Detrick from 2008-2013. The initially engineered coronavirus was found highly capable of meeting the required criteria except it infected bats, NOT humans. A hybrid recessed gene with 4 HIV insets provided the missing ingredients to ensure human-to-human transfer. In 2015, the newly revised virus was successfully created and sent to the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg.
Arrange to have the virus stolen and smuggled into China’s only Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan for plausible deniability. Promote the idea that China released the virus by accident.
2) Downplay human-to-human transmission as long as possible to allow a global spread of the virus before any country can lockdown.
3) Create a much higher mortality rate virus as a back-up plan ready to be released in Phase 3.
4) Create and fund the vaccination with a digital ID – referencing the Gates Foundation.
5) Use a real-world exercise – Event 201 – to study the response to the pandemic and any social consequences.
6) Once the lockdowns begin, extend them as much as possible to destroy the economy. Overhype the death rate by assuming that all deaths are COVID-related.
7) Create social unrest by bringing down the supply chain. Cause massive shortages and reduce social interactions.
8) End the quarantine with reservation. Wait several weeks to reinstate the quarantine. Issue reports of increased deaths and hospitalizations.
9) Institute a second, longer and more extreme quarantine from October – November with increasing penalties for non-compliance.
Use checkpoints with a military presence and heighten tracking measures. Deem all travel non-essential. Take over control of food and gas so that people can access only the necessary products and services. Limit access to those whose actions warrant permission.
10) Continue to destroy the global economy. Degrade the food supply and further destroy the supply chain. Quell any public dissent using extreme action and force.
11) After a long lockdown – up to 6 months – roll out the vaccination program and mandate it for everyone.
12) Identify those who refuse the vaccine as a threat to everyone. Deny dissenters the ability to work and travel.
13) Release the stronger virus with a 30%+ mortality rate as a final scare to convince everyone of the threat. Use food, weapons and shelter as weapons of enforcement.

The video:

Make This GO Viral!! Doctor Jensen Being Investigated By United State Board After COVID-19 Comments

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