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Dr Mand has been practicing psychotherapy in Torrance and the South Bay since 1980. She attended California State University where she received her B.A. and M.A. in Psychology. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from California Graduate Institute in 1983. She is also a Certified Problem Gambling Therapist, receiving her credentials as of May 2011, from UCLA.

Her teaching experiences include cross-cultural presentations for the Palos Verdes School District, parenting courses for Long Beach City College and for the Gardena Family Child Care Program, Stepfamily Relations courses for the South Bay Adult School and various related short-term courses and presentations for the community.


  • If you are going through a transition: marriage, divorce, life-style change, loss of a job, death in the family, sending a child away to college, parenting a child into adolescence, etc.
  • If you feel unhappy, resentful, stressed, anxious, or depressed.
  • If you feel like a victim of circumstances and are not in charge of your life.
  • If you are parenting a child (or children) with any behavioral difficulties.
  • If you are not able to stand up for yourself in the face of reasonable/unreasonable demands.
  • If you are in an abusive relationship.
  • If you are an immigrant who feels isolated and lonely.
  • If you suffer with problem gambling
  • If you are a veteran suffering from PTSD
  • If you are caring for your ill and elderly parent(s)
  • If you want to make an investment in your future by personally growing and acquiring tools for life.

Caring for the Caregiver

Family care givers are generally thrusted into a job they often don’t want nor are prepared for. The level and complexities of care vary from family to family and even from culture to culture, however, the spectrum of feelings is pretty much the same. Care...

Psychological Stress

Wikipedia defines it as: In psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Stress is a type of psychological pain. Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial, and even healthy. Positive stress helps improve athletic performance. It also plays a factor...


  • Interview at least two therapists (in their offices).
  • Ask any relevant questions (fees, hours of operation, specialties, etc.).
  • Check out your comfort level during the interaction with the therapist.
  • Make sure the therapist is experienced in dealing with your particular issue or issues.
  • Once you have chosen a therapist, get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

When you call her office you will be speaking with Dr. Mand directly. If she is not able to pick up the phone, you may leave a confidential message and she will call you back, usually within the hour.

Download the patient information form which can be printed from your computer. Save time by filling it out in the comfort of your home and bringing it with you on your first visit, or faxing it in to the office.


Psychotherapy for children requires a comfortable play area with appropriate toys and games through which children may explore their world. Children shape our collective future. It makes the most sense to nurture them, guide them, and prepare them for the challenges they will face when they grow up. We (adults) are all role models for children, whether we are aware of it and/or want it. How we live around our children becomes a model for them to follow.

Dr. Mand is available to speak to your Parent Support Group.


Do you find yourself upset and worried about your future the doom and gloom reporting on the health of our planet? Are you depressed about environmental challenges?

The solution starts with you. Let’s talk about it.

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