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How does psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy : How does therapy work?

Most personal conflicts manifest in relations with your partner, parent, child, or job. Every problem you experience in life is a personal problem first.

Therapy helps you examine your contributions to the problems as well as how you choose to deal with each conflict you encounter. When exploring these and other issues, your options become more clear.

Therapy helps you identify the problem, understand the overall larger message for you in your life, and develop new awareness and tools to resolve the problem. (note: not all problems can be resolved through therapy alone).

Over the many years of doing psychotherapy, I have developed a strong belief system that in order to solve everyday problems, one must examine the overall picture and direction of one’s life. Additionally, psychodynamic, cognitive, and behavioral techniques are utilized to deal with specific issues presented in therapy. Issues/problems are examined as they relate to your needs, dreams, direction, and the meaning of your life.

how does therapy in palos verdes work?
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