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Classes & Lectures

Child Care Providers

Dr. Mand also offers training to child care providers in which she presents various topics regarding children. Recent topics for this class included “How to Prevent Bratty Behavior”, “Nudity and Sexuality in Children” and “How to Decode the Behavior of a Preschooler.”

The presentation topics in Dr. Mand’s Parenting Classes address the concerns of parents everywhere. She is available to speak to parent support groups in the South Bay community.

Parenting Classes include the following:

  • Discipline With Love – newborn through adolescents
  • ABC’s of Discipline
  • Communication Skills: How to talk to kids so they listen – verbal and non verbal communications, values
  • Talking to Kids About Difficult Subjects – drugs, sex, peer pressure, terrorism, incarceration
  • School Readiness – homework and the role of parents, routines
  • Nutrition and Meal Time – obesity in children food, stress, habits, knowledge
  • School Violence
  • Caring for the Care givers

Dr. Mand speaks regularly to the Riviera Village Leads Club in Redondo Beach. Recent topics include: The Power of Words, The Psychology of Laughter, Couple’s Therapy, Discipline, and Child Abuse.

Presentations have been made by Dr. Mand to the South Bay Jewish Community Center Women’s Group and Temple Menorah in Redondo Beach.

Dr. Mand is available to speak to groups in the South Bay on a number of topics, including a recently-presented topic, The Psychology of Money. Additional topics include: The Power of Propaganda – Political Correctness and Christmas – Raising Children in the Middle East – Understanding Men and Women – The Meaning of Dreams – Martyrdom 101 and more.

Presentations may be customized for your group’s specific needs or interests. Please contact my office for information about scheduling a presentation for your group. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please call 310/375-2100 to register for one or all the classes.

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