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We are living in unprecedented times which requires unprecedented thought process, actions, and discipline.
Solutions to this worldwide problem come from education, common sense actions, and perspective.

Get comfortable with your basic knowledge of how this virus works and don’t obsess over learning more and more every day. You have a lot of other things you need to be doing. Look at the problem at hand and create a plan of action for it. That’s where perspective comes in. What is your worldview? If you are a pessimist, you will most likely have a lot of fear and anxiety. Obviously we all feel fear and anxiety at some level. It is a matter of degree. Don’t let them drive your decisions and actions, you will only increase these feelings.

Hopefully you have the basics: Your health, roof over your head, water, food, electricity, and internet. Everything else is a bonus. Take a breath right now and be appreciative that you have the basics. Your routine for the day should include time for self care (whatever that means to you). This is a time for introspection. Spend time with yourself, take an inventory of where you’ve come from, where you are today, and where you are going tomorrow. Get to know yourself under these very new circumstances. Reflect on whom you have become.

We all have different circumstances and have to adjust differently. If you are a parent with children, you are probably more stressed than couples/individuals without young children. You need to know that the younger they are, the more they pick up on your anxieties and fears. Remember the most important things your kids need right now are empowerment and hope. If you don’t feel confident in helping them deal with this crisis, seek help. I am available through Zoom and phone consults to help you.

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